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Our gaming system allows remote playing of a "slot" machine type gaming device. The retractable remote controller can be a hand held or lap held device, which is hard wired to the slot machine. Our concept involves both retrofit and new machine application.

Our new slot machine product is the newest in comfortable gaming. It has a tethered remote that brings the machine to the customer. It allows the player to sit back comfortably in their chair, relax and play for longer periods of time. As with this type of equipment the guest will be able to move about in their seat while still being able to play the game. This machine is great for the gamer who has a hard time always reaching up and forward to reach the control panel on the face of the machine or to use the pull arm.

Then you have the younger crowd that has basically grown up on everything being remote, they would love it. Also, not to forget, the side-by-side player that could sit in one chair and bring both remotes to them versus having to lean left to right to play both slots.

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